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Patrick's Patrinizers

This is just a little website to support Patrick Thomas from NBC's The Voice, and where his Patrinizers can gather and talk about why they love him :D
Patrick Thomas has an amazing voice, and even though he is no longer on the show, we all still support and love him! He won't be able to get rid of us for a looooong time!
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Aug 12 '11

Oh my goodnes…

It has been a long time, hasn’t it. Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’ve been so busy with camp and babysitting and stuff like that. How are all my fellow Patrinizers doing?

So I want to address a little issue that we have been dealing with on Twitter. MAJOR. PATRINIZER. DRAMA!!!! Like, seriously guys? We are all here to support Patrick, not fight over him!!!! Quit going on and arguing about who he loves more and being rude to one another. For crying out loud, just because you get a few more tweets than other people DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE LOVES YOU MORE!!!!!

And the fact that he doesn’t go on Twitter a lot anymore does not mean that he does not like us. We should be grateful that he has been working hard on his music career because you know what that means? MORE MUSIC FOR US!!! Don’t we all want that??